I guess my interest for photography really began this summer, when I went to Rome with some of my closest friends. It wasn’t the first time I was in Rome, but being there with my friends just made everything seem different – almost as if I were experiencing life through a different lens (pardon the camera pun!).

Anyway, since we were there for only 5 days, I wanted to document every single moment. I love taking photos of my friends. I feel that photos of people are just more complex, and interesting, especially if they’re taken with the person off guard, because then you’ve captured a moment that would have been otherwise lost. Also, you’ll get plenty of funny photos too!

Photo by Wiktoria

So, when I was looking over the photos when we got back to London, it made me realise how much fun photography actually is. And here I am, writing all about it.

Here’s a glimpse of what we got up to.

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria



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