Messy Bun

Classic, chic….easy.

Photo by Wiktoria

And apparently a new beauty trend – although how ‘new’ is questionable. Despite that, it’s definitely a winner. The whole messy, undone look just oozes coolness. And it is a really easy way to switch things up. I don’t tend to wear my hair up, I find hairbands fail to keep my hair up all day, and because my hair is so long, it just gets annoying after a while. But I shall persist anyhow, and hopefully find a hair tie that won’t forsake me!

How to create the perfect, messy, modelesque bun? To be honest, no idea. It just seems to look better with practice. I recommend you to youtube it, there’s millions of how to videos (I’m horrible at explaining these kind of things!) One youtuber that I found particularly helpful was Zoella, here’s the link to her video, enjoy!



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