Bold Brows

Photo by Wiktoria

The importance of brows has long been neglected. Or rather, I have long neglected the importance of brows. Why? Sheer laziness, really. Why are brows important? Well, the answer’s simple: they frame your face! Well-groomed brows can easily alter the way you look by adding definition to your face, especially in photographs. Often, people can look somewhat different in photographs than they do in real-life. I personally find that my brows somehow seem to disappear in photos, oddly enough given how big they actually are. To solve that problem, getting them shaped is a first. If you’ve never had your brows shaped, it’s best to get it done professionally, then you can maintain the shape yourself (I recommend the Brow Haus, though it’s slightly on the pricey side, for those of you who have a low pain threshold, this place is for you!) Nicely shaped brows is an easy way to make yourself put-together. You can also darken your brows to help define your face, and there are so many ways of doing this. You can use a brown eyeshadow (a matte one of course), an eyebrow pencil (rimmel does good ones if you’re on a budget), brow pens, (GOSH does some), coloured brow gels, you can even use brown or clear mascara.


(It also happens to be a huge trend for a/w ’12, so all the better!)

Photo by Wiktoria



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