Thank-you Bond

The revival of the suit, only now its tailored and bloody cool.

Long gone are the boxy disasters of the 1980s. Suits are back with a vengeance, and they’re everywhere. No longer simply what you wear to the work, suits have become an essential piece to have in one’s wardrobe. It also doesn’t hurt that what has long been considered the epitome of cool, the James Bond franchise, has internalized the need for a good suit. Designed by Tom Ford (just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?) the two-buttoned, peak-lapelled attire embodies not only our poetic view of spies but why suits shouldn’t be confined simply to the office. Nothing beats a well-cut suit. Nothing! And it’s not just for men. With the tuxedo trend being all the rage, there’s no better time to experiment than now. Whether you ease in with a blazer or go the whole way (bow-tie and all!), suits emit timeless sophistication and you can’t go wrong with that!



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