Love You Carvela

Introducing the only heels I wear.

And they’re awesome. That’s not to say that they are comfortable. Well, at least at first. In fact, it was horrible! It felt as if all the circulation to my feet had gone and that I was walking on borrowed time before my feet just fell off. BUT, and its a big but, a few months down the line, and these are the only heels I can rely on. I’m not much of high heel lover, I wasn’t at first anyway. Yet, somehow that has all changed, to the extent of even introducing heels on a more everyday, casual basis. I, who for one was unable to keep my balance in heels, let alone walk in them, has turned a new leaf (heel wise). So much so, that I went a purchased a pair of during their sales. I think for those of you who find heels are confined to the no-go zone, try ones with chunkier heel and have grip, like those pictured – makes a world of a difference. I bought these a while back and whilst they’re Carvela, I got them for £20 in TK Maxx. You can get a lot of great deals there, it just needs a little patience I guess, which I lack (haha) but I guess I just got lucky 😉

Heels- awesome or too much hassle?



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