Organix Anti-Breakage Serum

Oh my…this stuff is out of this world – seriously. It’s ridiculous how good this hair oil by Organix smells. It’s so sweet and sumptuous, it borderlines on giving you a sugar high. And it actually works. You only need the tiniest amount, but it can transform dull, tangly locks into hollywood bombshell (if only! But its almost there). Since I’ve started using this, my hair not only looks shinier, it’s also healthier, always a bonus, especially given that this product is inexpensive, retailing for around £6.99. Not to mention, its sulfate-free, which is good for those with more sensitive scalps. How organic this product really is, is probably a whole other story, but if that’s not a problem, I recommend you check out their other ranges (especially the coconut one) if you want good smelling products that do the job well.



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