A Nail Masterpiece

Quite the tricky thing to master, nail art. You need patience and a steady hand, and for this reason can be just too much hassle. But the more I see photos popping up in magazines and online, the more I want to imitate them and have some funky looking nails of my own. That’s not to say I haven’t previously had a go. Usually I would crack out the nail art in the exact moment I should be doing work – guilty. I mostly get inspired from one particular youtuber, who is just flippin’ brilliant (here’s a link if you’re interested). But, I sort of want to go to the next level. No more stripes, dots, the occasionally duck (yes, you read that right!), I want to branch out with textures. The simple reason for this being is that I spied Alexa Chung being featured on the Elle UK website with leather textured nails (she also just happened to win the British Style Icon award… for the third time in a row – just sayin’)

alexa chung leather nails

…and with Ciates Caviar manicure being labelled a beauty favourite by many, texture is the only way to go. The question is, how to get the look on a budget? To get the Alexa look, nails inc. will be releasing their leather and skulls line sometime in December. Not exactly budget friendly with £19 a pot, but definitely something worth looking into. I guess for now, here are some pictures to get inspired.


To get the ‘eye’ look (which I think I’m going to have try!) I recommend you use the Models Own WAH! Nail Art Pen to achieve a fine line, and it just makes it much easier to draw your design without having to fiddle around with a toothpick or something and want to stab your eye out with it for lack of patience…trust me!


cat nails



What do you think of the nail art craze?



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