Something a little different…

Let me clue you into a little secret of mine…I’m a jewellery fanatic. And most of all, I’m a ring collector and have acquired quite the collection over the past few years. However, recently (well since my birthday anyway) I’ve started to get into necklaces; partly because now that I’m no longer forced to wear a uniform 5 times a week, I can wear whatever I want without having to hide it under my shirt. I find the bigger, the better when it comes to jewellery. Chunky rings and chunky, choker-like necklaces get a big ‘hell yes!’ from me. So, when I was browsing on the nastygal website (I could literally hear my wallet weeping) and found this slightly odd necklace, I knew it had to be mine.

Photo by Wiktoria

I like to pair this necklace with a shirt (buttoned up all the way) because it hangs nicely, and brings a definite pop to an otherwise low key look. Bone yard necklaces may not be to everyone’s taste, but I like the odd contrast it gives. And the fact that it’s tiered makes it all the cooler.

Are you a fan of odd pieces? What’s your favourite?



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