Dress to Impress

dress to impress 1

First impressions are pretty important. Did you know that you make up your mind about someone in the first 15 seconds of meeting them? How true that actually is, I’m not quite sure about but it still highlights the importance of making a first impression, whether it be for social or work reasons. This made me think about how usually women who work in male-dominated workplaces often don’t “dress to impress”. What I mean by that, is women sometimes fall into the habit of toning down their outfits, and of course at the workplace there is often some sort of dress code, but should that result in everyone looking the same? Or rather de-feminize, and adopt a rather more masculine attire to be taken seriously at the workplace? Men often look their best in well-tailored suits. Women should look their best at work and be seen as equals. Dressing to impress, omits confidence, it makes you feel better and that you could achieve anything. People see you in a different light. Of course, clothes alone won’t change everything for the better or get you that promotion you’ve been vying for. But damn, its a start. Isn’t everyone always saying, “fake it until you make it”? Well, if that’s true, think of your work clothes as a costume, and you’re the star of the show, because if you don’t buy it, who will? Which brings me to another point, there should really be more clothing lines aimed at providing well-tailored clothes, which are still fun and suited to such work environments. What you wear to work shouldn’t have to be boring!





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