Leading Lady

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

In regards to the title, no, this isn’t some assertion of vanity. Rather, it’s the name of one of Essie’s polishes in their A/W 2012 collection. Four beautiful, though not your traditionally wintery colours (namely the awesome turquoise , which is next on my shopping list!) are this year’s offering. And to be honest, I like the fact that its not simply your usual dark plums or bordeaux. Change is good, well I think so anyway. It’s good to spice things up in a while, and I’m betting that these babies won’t be on the shelves for long, so if you’re interested, get to it! Leading lady, is incredibly festive and cheerful, yet still retains a sophisticated tone, given the its dark merlot colour speckled with fine red glitter which just brings a lightness to the polish. Not to mention, the boots diffusion line applies brilliantly. I’m not even kidding, the application is just so easy! I love the fact that it has a nice, big brush. The only problem is now I want to go back to the Essie counter and buy a zillion more! They retail at £7.99, although not the easy-on-the-wallet-Barry M-£2.99 price, the quality and amazing colour range seems to justify it on some level, don’t you think?

What’s your favourite essie polish?



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