Citrus Lips


I love oranges, but to be honest as a lipstick, its’s not the first colour that springs to mind…at all. It just seems a bit odd, don’t you think? And perhaps not the most flattering shade, given that it can make your teeth look quite yellow, not a look I think anyone is too keen to go for.

So why do we keep seeing ‘sunset shades’ popping up everything in the beauty sphere? I think there’s probably two reasons to this:

1) its odd and slightly off, so no doubt ‘orange’ will soon become dubbed the new red

2) it’s actually quite nice…?

Something which I thought I would never say, let alone actually go out and purchase TWO orange lipsticks. Although perhaps, they’re definitely not the first colour I reach for in the morning, they’re starting to grow on me. Like with all bold colours, there are varying degrees by which you can edge you way in, from a pigmented lipgloss to an all-out matte lipstick. I went for the latter, primarily because I’m not much of a lipgloss fan (with long hair, it was never going to be a match made in heaven), but the matte orange lipstick I’ve been using, isn’t as scary as it sounds.

The lipstick is: Bobbi Brown’s creamy matte lipstick in Valencia Orange. It’s a sort of subdued orange, with slight reddish undertones, almost autumnal I suppose. What I like about this, is that the colour is not in your face. It’s definitely orange, but not as bright as let’s say, Topshop’s Infrared or Mac’s Morange. I like to wear it blotted down, for just a bit of colour. Though I’m a lover of the bold lip, I remain unsure about the whole ‘citrus lip’ look. I think I prefer a classic, red lip, but I like the change.


What about you?



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