Beauty Icon: Blake Lively


I think I’ve googled Blake Lively’s hair way too many times now. It’s just amazing, and so healthy looking. Basically, I wouldn’t mind having her hair. And I guess that puts her into my list of beauty icons. Although you would think, given that she has never really changed up her style over the past few years, other than an odd dye job for a movie role, that there wouldn’t much to google… but you would be wrong if you thought that. Since she has such long, thick hair, I like to use her as source of inspiration for my own long locks. Especially when you have second day hair, that’s just annoying you and you have no idea what to do to make it look half good. This is when the A-lister’s large array of cool hairstyles come into play. Even if it can’t be exactly replicated, it’s a good place to start to get inspired and help spice things up.

collage blake lively hair

I think the hairstyle of hers that I have imitated the most, must be the plaited ponytail (a variation of which can be seen in the top left hand corner and below). Super easy – if you just plait your ponytail – and something different, that isn’t much of a hassle. Bonus. If you’re interested in doing this look yourself, check out this youtube guru, she has quite a few Blake lively hairstyle tutorials, and then some.


Aside from the hair, Lively is no stranger to good style, given her character Serena on Gossip Girl. I love the fact that she doesn’t shy away from wearing bright colours! She always looks so well put together. Major wardrobe envy right now…oh well!

collage blake lively fashion 1

Are you a fan?



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