The NYE Outfit

Ok, so I know it’s the 29th today, but that’s still plenty of time to sort out your outfit for New Year’s Eve….right? If you have already chosen what you’re wearing, lucky you! But if you haven’t and are stuck for ideas, fear not! For I have complied a few ideas that may inspire you (hopefully).

Outfit numero uno:

outfit 1

A bit more of your classic NYE attire: the metallic dress. You can’t really go wrong with it, but I think silver is the perfect metallic for NYE. It’s super eye-catching, chic and damn cool, especially if you pair it with a leather jacket. Not only will the leather jacket add warmth (always a good thing on a night out), it gives the outfit edge and takes it from a pretty dress to something else entirely. Together with a pair of black court shoes, and a sparkly clutch and you’re good to go.

Another variation of the silver dress: (click the dress for a direct link)

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 12.50.39

Outfit 2:

outfit 2

A bit of a twist on what Sandy wore in Grease, I guess. But really, with the disco pant you can really do whatever you want with it, it’s a blank canvas after all, like adding black crop top for example or cropped  knit wear in whatever colour you want. Since the pants are high waisted, you won’t be showing much mid drift. Plus pants are a good option for NYE; they’re comfortable, hug you in all the right places and keep you warm. Plus it’s easy to dance in them too! If you are going for an all-black-outfit, then a pop of colour is a good way to make you stand out from the crowd. I think a hot pink (but really any bright colour will do) blazer is the easiest way to achieve this. Tan heels are also a great alternative to black, and they help to break up the outfit so it’s not too monotone.

Outfit 3:

outfit 3

An alternative option to the LBD, this dark blue dress is a unique take. It’s girly with its peter pan collar and lace insert, but not overwhelmingly so. The sweetheart neckline is also cute and very flattering. Another good thing, is that it’s a swing dress, meaning for those of you (like me) who aren’t that comfortable showing off your body in a really hugging attire, it hides everything you want kept hidden. It also makes your legs look flippin’ amazing! The black wedges give the dress some kick and the clutch nicely rounds everything off. I like the clash of metals, as it’s unexpected and keeps the outfit from being boring.

So there you go: three different outfit ideas to inspire you this NYE. I hope this helps.

Have a great New Year’s!



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