Beauty Icon: Lana Del Rey


There is just something about Lana Del Rey. What that ‘something’ actually is, I’m not sure. All I know is that she definitely is another beauty icon of mine. A bit of sixties, a bit badass, describing her own style as a ‘gangster Nancy Sinatra’, I must agree. Some may say she lacks authenticity, but I think to be an artist or have character, you don’t have to have a sob story. Anyway. Back to beauty. She quite clearly has her own look going on, which when it comes to being inspired, she’s the person to turn to for some ideas. A clash of old and new. Pairing at times a classical, neutral look with a sixties flick and big hoops. Or a bright red pout with chunky jewellery that looks misplaced but works anyway. There’s variety.

lana del rey 1

She’s interesting. And I love her music (‘Without You‘ is my current favourite song by her). Lana Del Rey is icon in her own right, she just happens to also be a beauty icon of mine. Sultry and vampy without turning gothic, she brings something dark and cool to her makeup, pairing it with blouses and full skirts, which offers an alternative feel that is something you yourself can incorporate into your wardrobe without breaking the bank or looking silly. Demonstrating that allure wins over anything too obvious every time. And it’s simple! I think ultimately, Lana Del Rey is one of my beauty icon’s because she reminds me to have fun with my clothes and not get too tied down and experiment a little.


If you’re interested in how to achieve something similar makeup-wise, a blog post will be coming soon. For now, check out this awesome youtube beauty guru, for a neutral look inspired by Lana Del Rey.


Are you a fan?



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