Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

I’m a big fan of masks. Yeah, you may look ridiculous throughout the 10mins or so you spend wearing them, but hey, no pain no gain. I once got a sample of the Origins Clear Improvement Mask after purchasing their Super Spot remover (and for the price, it’s not the most effective), and once the sample was gone, I knew I would have to repurchase. Given that you only need the smallest bit of this to cover your entire face, I went for the travel size which comes in around £10, making it easier for your bank balance to bear as opposed to the bigger size which retails for £20. You can purchase the travel size version at Selfridges and I think, maybe John Lewis. The Origins Clear Improvement mask is clay based charcoal mask, hence the terrifying grey colour. Applied once you open your pores with a hot muslin cloth or flannel, this stuff really does work to clear up and diminish the appearance of pores, as well as helping with congested skin – although they do have an ‘Out of Trouble’ Mask designed specifically to “rescue problem skin”, which I haven’t yet tried. I’ve been using this for the past few weeks, and I’ve seen a great difference in the appearance of the size of my pores and skin in general. I found that since I’ve been using a topical cream to help with the appearance of my skin, it has become incredibly sensitive, and I have as a result experienced slight sensitivity and stinging when I first apply this, but once it’s on that goes away. So, I guess for those of you with slightly more sensitive skin to try a sample of this first before purchasing. Getting it off can be quite the experience. I find it easier to remove when using a muslin cloth or something of the sort, as it can get messy otherwise. Overall, I recommend giving this offering from Origins a try. I’ve used a few products from the Origins range, and on the whole, despite the excessive price tag, it’s worth it.

Have you tried anything from the Origins range?



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