Soap and Glory Hand Maid Gel

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

I’m not one really for religiously carrying around antibacterial hand cleansing gels in my hand bags (bad I know), even though I commute on the tube everyday.

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

Photo by Wiktoria

To amend my ways I thought I’d pick up this little baby, the Soap and Glory Hand Maid Gel, when I was in boots picking up other essentials (and non-essentials of course!) having heard so many great things about it. And I’m hooked. I usually hate antibacterial gels because they tend to have a strong alcoholic smell masked by a horrible artificial cucumber or lemon smell. Very unpleasant. This on the other hand smells exactly how it’s described on the bottle, “fresh, fruity, floral” and the grapefruit really does come through. And no hint of alcoholic artificial cucumber (score!). Another bonus is that it doesn’t dry out your skin, like other antibacterial gels do. Retailing for Ā£2.50, this has quickly become a hand bag essential for me. It has made me want to try other products from the soap and glory range, since I’ve only tested out the makeup – the neutral eyeshadow palette, Lid Stuff, is great if you love mattes, but the thick & fast mascara, not so much. If you haven’t tried this out yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you commute regularly.



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