Beauty Icon: Jennifer Lawrence


It’s been a while since I last did a ‘beauty icon’ post, but I thought it high time I did another, this time featuring Jennifer Lawrence.

Blonde, brunette, long, short … a beauty chameleon if there ever was one. I, on the other hand, can only half decently rock one look – long, brown hair – how interesting! Aside from the fact that Jennifer Lawrence can pull off pretty much any haircut/style, what makes Jennifer Lawrence a beauty icon of the modern era for me is that her makeup is always flawless. A slight smokey eye and a nude lip are her go to, and with good reason – it’s a timeless classic and looks great. She never looks OTT or garish. If you’re ever in need of makeup inspiration, Jennifer Lawrence has some pretty awesome makeup looks up her sleeve. But, perhaps, most importantly, what makes Jennifer Lawrence a beauty icon, is that she is not afraid to go sans makeup. In a day of age of where ‘self-improvement’ has become a culture of scary diets, plastic surgery, and layers upon layers of makeup, its nice to know that not everyone in tinsel town conforms to that stereotype. Hence, it is a no brainer why in the February issue of Vanity Fair she was voted most desirable woman on the planet!





Once I figure out how to create a halo braid, I will definitely be copying this look above as my go-to look for this summer!! I’ve found this link to be quite helpful!

Also, in case you want to re-create the makeup look in the first picture, here’s a link to a makeup tutorial I think I’ve watched a 100 times over by one of my favourite beauty youtubers, Tanya Burr!



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