Review: Avene Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

avene eye makeup remover

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been away with family in Austria for the past 10 days, which was amazing (a post on my recent travels will be up shortly!) But, first I thought I’d post about something beauty related. It’s not often that I review a disappointing product on this blog, but unfortunately this is one of them. The Avene Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is in one word – crap. Had I done what I usually do before buying any cosmetics i.e. do some research and read 101 reviews on it before trying to justify another non-essential purchase, I would have avoided the disappointment. The only thing this eye makeup remover delivers on is being gentle, so gentle in fact that it does nada. A new innovation of having a gel formula then your usually liquid, it breaks down 50% of the makeup after rubbing at your eyes with a cotton pad. To remove simply mascara requires at least 2 cotton pads soaked in the gel, and even then it transfers the mascara from your top lashes to your bottom ones. This I definitely do not recommend, but I’m not going to waste it. But for £9.50 it didn’t exactly break the bank. However, when I purchased this I also on a whim grabbed the Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream (£9.50 10ml), only to discover once I was already back home that it contained mineral oil. The lesson learnt – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS read reviews and never buy on a whim unless it’s .. body wash! Not the greatest of experiences of trying out a new brand, I think I’m going to stay away from Avene for the time being!

Have you tried anything from Avene? Did you have a similar experience? Let me know!



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