Budget Buy: Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Powder

A new bronzer has been added to the collection, although I swear it was unintentional… A few weeks ago I purchased the 17 Pen Lip Stain in Peach only to have the whole thing fall apart when I got back home, so I returned to boots to exchange it for something of a similar price, leading me to walk away with another bronzer… Did I need another bronzing powder? Definitely not. However, this Instant Glow Medium Bronze Bronzing Powder (Wash Off) is perhaps one of my favourite high street/ drugstore purchases in a while!


First of all the packaging is not half bad for something that’s £4.59. I like the fact that the lid doesn’t come like Rimmel Powders do, making it great for travel. Part of 17’s Instant Glow range, this imparts a lovely bronze colour that is completely matte. It’s not orangey at all, and has a slight red undertone which is great if your natural tan is slightly red in brown as it will mimic your natural tan. It’s not chalky at all like other drugstore powders/ bronzers and in fact has an almost buttery texture. All in all, I’ve been reaching for this over my other bronzing powders lately for when I want to add a bit of sun to my face. Although given the weather we’ve been having here in the UK lately I’ve been skipping makeup altogether to avoid it sliding off my face! So, if you’re on a budget and are on the market for a new bronzer definitely check this one out!



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