Review: Gilly Hicks Point Piper Rollerball Perfume

gilly hicks point piper

I received this free with a purchase I made a couple of weeks ago. My first impressions of it were that it didn’t actually smell of anything. But I tossed it into my beauty bag and thought nothing of it. But I have to admit, it has started to grow on me. Fresh, fruity and floral, it’s not exactly anything groundbreaking. Yet, if you’re after something non-offensive, not overpowering, easy to wear fragrance, this may just be the thing for you. The notes of Point Piper are described on the Gilly Hicks website to be, ‘juicy pear blends with sun kissed mandarin and delicate guava flower, keeping true to Sydney’s beach heritage’. To be honest, I don’t really pick up on the pear, and although it is zesty, it does have quite an alcoholic smell to it. Also, it’s lasting power is the not greatest, but since this is in a rollerball, it’s not exactly much trouble throwing this into your handbag and topping up when needs be. A nice pick me during a the day: definitely. But not something I would rush out and buy. It’s priced at £38 and for the that amount of money you can pick up a 30ml bottle of Jo Malone. I think I’d pick Jo Malone over this any day. That being said, it’s a nice fresh, summery perfume. However, since it’s the end of summer, I think I need something warmer and deeper to transition me into the colder months.

You can purchase Gilly Hicks Point Piper Perfume here.



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