Review: MaxFactor 2000 Calories Mascara

max factor 2000 calories

I’ve been using this mascara for the past 6 weeks and so far, so good. I tend to opt for lengthening mascaras over volumising ones as I prefer a more au naturale look. But, again, after hearing and reading so many reviews about this mascara classic, it finally persuaded me to pick it up. Although, I initially didn’t like it as I found it too clumpy, I discovered my favourite way of wearing it to wipe of most of the product off the wand so to prevent super spidery lashes. I really like the way my lashes look after I’ve done this: super voluminous without the clumpiness, good length and it coats all my lashes. There’s nothing groundbreaking with the wand or brush, it’s your bog-standard large bristle brush with no bendy wand. It’s all about the formula for this one. Would I pick this up again? Definitely, but probably not right away. I like to swap and change which mascara I wear .. I’m just crazy like that. Have you tried this before? What did you think? For under £8 it’s definitely on the cheaper side of mascaras, so a win-win! Link here.



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