Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

sally hansen insta dri

I’ve mentioned this little product a lot over the past few months, but hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it. So, here it is .. finally! I’ve never been one to bother with top coats, painting my nails is already a tedious process as it is. But hearing a few raves about this on the blogosphere and constant comparisons to the infamous Seche Vete top coat, I ended picking this up to see if the hype was true. And it’s really good. Perhaps, it shouldn’t be called ‘insta-dri’, since it doesn’t dry instantaneously, but give it a few seconds or two, and you are left with super glossy nails, that will remains chip-free for around 5 days. That’s pretty impressive, since prior to using this, my nail polish wouldn’t last the day. The application of this is easy, the formula isn’t thick, and it’s just all round good. And for just £5.99, it’s perhaps one of my favourite budget buy finds yet! Have you tried this? What’s your favourite top coat? Let me know! Link here.



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