Review: MaxFactor 2000 Calories Mascara

max factor 2000 calories

I’ve been using this mascara for the past 6 weeks and so far, so good. I tend to opt for lengthening mascaras over volumising ones as I prefer a more au naturale look. But, again, after hearing and reading so many reviews about this mascara classic, it finally persuaded me to pick it up. Continue reading


Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

sally hansen insta dri

I’ve mentioned this little product a lot over the past few months, but hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it. So, here it is .. finally! I’ve never been one to bother with top coats, painting my nails is already a tedious process as it is. But hearing a few raves about this on the blogosphere and constant comparisons to the infamous Seche Vete top coat, I ended picking this up to see if the hype was true. Continue reading

Review: Gilly Hicks Point Piper Rollerball Perfume

gilly hicks point piper

I received this free with a purchase I made a couple of weeks ago. My first impressions of it were that it didn’t actually smell of anything. But I tossed it into my beauty bag and thought nothing of it. But I have to admit, it has started to grow on me. Fresh, fruity and floral, it’s not exactly anything groundbreaking. Continue reading

The Edit: Eye Liners

eyeliners edit

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with eyeliners. I used to wear them ALL the time. But since I have oily eyelids, the eyeliner tends to slip and slide, and by the end of the day I look like a panda that’s been on a bender… not a good look. But I persisted nevertheless, found some good ones (and not so good ones) that do stand the test of time, and I thought it would be high time I shared them with you all. Continue reading